Ahead of your time.

 Dear Dad… You lived your first 30 years growing up in the Depression, under oppressive regimes of Hitler, Stalin, and labour camps. You danced with death, painfully, and often. 
Your next 50 years were lived in daily discrimination for your accent, your background, your physical, mental, emotional impairments, and then ultimately, your age.. You had every reason to NOT love humanity. EVERY reason to give up on us. But you didn’t. Why not? 
Because of an idea. Someone taught you, a simple belief that harmony was achievable. And necessary. I saw your outward struggles, but I bore witness to your strength of spirit. And ideas.
You were mocked for your ideas – such as: planting community gardens instead of grass… designing autonomous cars… finding microbial life on other planets, tidal power, and even travelling to Mars. They weren’t silly ideas. You were just ahead of your time. 
And so, I hold onto one of your “silly” futuristic ideas. That harmony is possible… and it is a journey…. And in many places that we have it- we can expand on it… within us, and around us… 
I won’t give our power away when it comes to human rights. I will try to find paths to respect other humans and their ways. 
Unless their ways are intended to cause pain. And Dad, in those cases, I will think of you and stand. And when I wanna angrily slap some people upside the head, I will try first to use my voice – write, share, educate, speak, walk, talk, sing, and break bread with those whose paths intersect with mine. To move conversations forward. 
They made you tough, Dad. And you were very tough on me. But today, I humbly thank you for that. Because of you, and what you lived, I will always stand for peace, humanity, and equality. Thank you. I #remember. ā¤

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In honour of my Dad,Ā who also loved photography, I took a stroll along the Vancouver seawall this year, to quietly honour theĀ anniversary of his passing.

For those who’ve lost loved ones on or during the holidays, orĀ celebrating the holidays far from theĀ onesĀ that are near and dear to yourĀ hearts, I dedicate this montage to you. Peace, joy, love, light. RR

Dec 25, 2015, Vancouver, FuxiX100.

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A New River

Just got back from a cross country flight- from vancouver, BC, my hometown- which, for the record, i love and is near to me always… But when i landed, i had a smile on my face for the new home that’s welcomed me here, for as long as I’ll stay. Who knows how long that will be, but I admit a deep love for this region too. I feel grateful for the several special spots around the world that feel like home to me. This park is a very special spot. New River Provincial Park- it’s west of Saint John, and east of St. George. If you ever come visit, you’ll find magic moments here for sure. Here are a few shots from a recent sunset stroll at low tide.






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New hands

If she calls for me,
And asks for my hands,
Please tell her, I was an oddity,
A plaything, an experiment,
A wrong note, a misplayed key,
A red wine fantasy, a touring show,
Too many wrinkles, too fat,
Too common a sense
My hair, not black.
My skin, too rough.
My money, not enough.
My sweater thrown out,
My fame not found, so
She will find new hands,
To play her songs
With slender thought
And graceful approach
A petite frame, a little taller perhaps
Next time, with a song that
Only your heart can hear.


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